Thursday, July 26, 2012

OVERKILL PACK! Get Exclusive Day 1 Access

Mow down the opposition with the Typhoon SMG, sporting a furious 500 rounds per second. Grab the Overkill Pack when you Pre-Order to get all Hunter Edition content, day-one access to the Typhoon (with alternate shotgun fire mode), and, of course, Crysis 3. You’ll also receive a custom skin for the Typhoon and specially themed dog tags.

Have you plotted your revenge yet? Pre-order the Crysis 3 Hunter Edition to become the ultimate multiplayer hunter. You’ll receive the Hunter Nanosuit module to boost stealth and target acquisition as well as access to Crysis 3’s iconic bow with a special ‘Electric Arrow’ attachment and unique skin. Between that, bonus XP up to level 5, and three exclusive dog tags, you’ll be fully prepared for the hunt.

Ready for this? Brand New C3 Interactive Trailer!

I've got a brand new Crysis 3 interactive trailer right here straight from Crytek.
In this brand spanking new trailer from Crytek you get to decide! Stealth or Armor?
Which one will it be? Go all out Guns Blazing or Sneak around your enemy for a
Serious Stealth Takedown when he least expects it, You Decide!

Crytek is working with Nintendo on the Wii U

Crysis 3 for Nintendo's upcoming Wii U console is a "possibility," producer Mike Read said recently, noting the company is working with Nintendo, but stopping short of any official declaration.

"I wouldn't say there's no chance," he said in an interview with CVG.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Leaked! New Crysis 3 Screenshots Leaked!

Four new screenshots of Crysis 3, showing off the "Canyon" environment seen in the E3 demo, leaked today.
The gorgeous images were posted on the blog of Pierre-Yves Donzallaz, a senior lighting artist at Crytek, who has since taken them down.
According to Donzallaz, the lighting and post-processing effects exhibited in the screenshots are running in real time. They make the game world look particularly alive, which it is — Crysis 3 takes place in a New York City that has been terraformed after the events of Crysis 2, turning it into a literal urban jungle. It also brings back some of thewide-open spaces that were characteristic of the original Crysis' tropical setting, while retaining the verticality of its sequel.
Click the link to see!
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Crysis 3 interactive trailer tomorrow!

DSOGaming writes: "Crytek revealed that the Interactive Single Player Campaign Trailer for Crysis 3 will be out this Thursday."
The  Interactive Trailer comes out tomorrow! What do you hope to see in this single player preview?